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Understanding Salesforce Communities and Licenses

Understanding Salesforce Communities and Licenses

Salesforce communities can be a huge boost for any business because it allows you to connect with your partners, customers and internal team in a curated and functional way. You can connect your Salesforce org, define exactly what data will be shown to users of the community and custom tailor it to your use case, sales, customer support, knowledge bases, you name it.


Because communities can be so flexible and useful, there are also a number of considerations and options relating to creating a community, specifically around licensing. There are actually 6 different licenses for external community users:

  • Customer Community
  • Customer Community Plus
  • Partner Community
  • Lightning External Apps Starter
  • Lightning External Apps Plus
  • Channel Account

Each of these licenses allows a different type of access and each is associated with an individual user. As a bit of clarification, a user is someone who will login, and use the community. Guests to the community (ex. Knowledge base sites) have no restrictions.

How do you get licenses? Simply put, you buy them from Salesforce. Generally, they are purchased in bundles, depending on your individual needs. Once you have them, you can go into Salesforce and assign the different contacts as users of your community. As an alternative, you can purchase logins, rather than licenses. Logins are a one time use, and are a great option if you have a large volume of potential users, who may or may not exist in your org.

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