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Tip of the Week – Increase Collaboration with Opportunity Teams

Tip of the Week – Increase Collaboration with Opportunity Teams

Opportunity teams are just what they sound like, a team of people working an Opportunity who all have individual roles. It allows you to control who is working on what deal, and what their role is. You can grant your Opportunity Team members special access to the Opportunity and its related records, making it easier for everyone to work together.

It should be noted that Opportunity Teams aren’t the same as Account Teams, although they share a set of available team member roles.

A few guidelines for Opportunity Teams:

  • When setting up an Opportunity Team, you can::
    • Add team members.
    • Specify each member’s role on the Opportunity.
    • Even specify each team member’s level of access to the Opportunity: read/write access or read-only access.
  • Changes that you make to the Opportunity Team on an Opportunity don’t affect your default Opportunity Team or the Opportunity Teams on your other Opportunities.
  • If your Salesforce admin has enabled Opportunity Splits, you can split credit for an Opportunity among members of an Opportunity Team.
  • Adding, editing, or deleting Opportunity Team members requires read/write access on the Opportunity.
  • You can’t use Opportunity Teams for private Opportunities.

Take your Opportunity Teams a step further with Guidelines for Setting Up and Adding a Default Opportunity Team.

-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys