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Tip of the Week – Spring ’14 is coming and Salesforce will never be the same!

Tip of the Week – Spring ’14 is coming and Salesforce will never be the same!

If you’re a Salesforce junkie (read: geek) like us, you probably already know that Spring ’14 is on its way with some awesome new features. But if you’re more excited about the upcoming Game of Thrones season than release notes, let me highlight a few things that might be really useful for you and your team.

  • Forecasts are getting a make-over, allowing for multiple forecast types.
  • Salesforce1 is continuing to bring the platform to a whole new level with Twitter access, 2-click messages to your team, and embedded report charts on records right in the app.
  • Chatter is getting even more useful with topics for sorting records, the ability to post and highlight announcements, send private messages, and share badges. Basically, Chatter is getting even more of the social media features you love to use on your lunch break.
  • Reports and Dashboards will be easier to create, filter, and export for data work. You can also add report charts to Visualforce pages with a single line of code.

On top of the above features, Salesforce is doing the unthinkable and premiering a new Orders object. If you’ve been banging your head against a table trying to create an order management system in your org, this is going to be a game-changer! Integrated with Salesforce1, Accounts, Contracts, and Price Books, this new feature will save you weeks of custom development!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming post about this awesome new feature, check out Salesforce’s New Features page for more information on the Spring ’14 release, and get psyched for some cool new tools coming your way this Spring!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys