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Salesforce Prompts (Beta) in Summer ‘19

Salesforce Prompts (Beta) in Summer ‘19

If you have been paying attention to the various improvements that came out in the Summer ‘19 release of Salesforce, you may have come across this one, Salesforce Prompts (Beta).

This new feature in Salesforce gives admins the ability to create their own in-app guidance, training and news prompts to create a better overall user experience. As always, Salesforce is touting that these prompts can be created quick and easy, with clicks not code, so just about anyone can create them.

So what good are Salesforce prompts? Think of them as a handy set of pop up notifications, that will be able to give your users the right info at the right time. Some potential use cases are:

  • Links to training resources, with the prompt strategically situated on the page near the item the training, is linked to
  • News Alerts – for whatever news bulletins you want to display to the team
  • Introduce New Features – what better way to globally launch new org features than with a prompt announcing it to everyone?

These are just a few examples of how the prompts feature could potentially be used. Undoubtedly, there are already Salesforce Admins out there creating some amazing and creative uses for this feature. 

A few more details of note:

  • Salesforce helps to ensure that your users have the best experience by preventing multiple prompts from appearing at once. 
  • Salesforce also detects how users interact with prompts to determine whether to show the prompt again or stop showing it after the user has completed the desired action.
  • Prompts can be designated to be displayed to only users with specific permission sets. 

Finally, it should be emphasized that Prompts is currently only in Beta. This means that it is an experimental feature, and Salesforce is currently only offering limited support to the feature. However, it is currently scheduled for general release in the Winter release of this year.

Want to get started with your own prompts? Click here for more details and FAQ’s, and this link will get you started building your own!


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


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