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Consumer Expectations Will Set the New Lending Standard

Changing times result in changing industries. With stiff competition among businesses, the new standards for success are being set by customer expectations. Industries from education to lending are learning fast that to stay in business, they must remain highly competitive and in-tune with their customers. J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study announced […]

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Borrowers Still Hold Misconceptions About Alternative Lenders

The economic crisis is causing more and more businesses to seek additional funding. Many individuals who are beginning their search still have long-held misconceptions about what makes them a good candidate for a loan. So, what do some of those misconceptions look like? While traditional bank loans may have strict requirements for applicants, many business […]

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Security Spells Success for Financial Tech Companies During the Pandemic

Both businesses and individuals have taken the COVID health emergency as an opportunity to bring their operations online. As the number of remote financial transactions grows, more and more companies are trying to capitalize on this trend. However, with billions of dollars circulating online, financial software needs to be safer than ever before. First, how […]

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Funding frustrations: How to find help when the banks say no

With mounting financial pressure on borrowers and lenders, the economy is fighting to recover from the pandemic. Lenders and investors sat cautiously after the 2008 recession, leaving struggling businesses limited resources. However, will they act quicker this time? Due to advances in risk assessment technology and lessons from 2008, the answer looks like a yes. […]

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