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Salesforce CRM

Let Salesforce take you to the next level. We are here to help you get the most out of your Salesforce CRM investment! No two companies are exactly alike. We take the time to learn and thoroughly understand your business before using our knowledge and expertise to craft a custom solution uniquely tailored for you. Our consulting services will help you maximize your Salesforce with a proper implementation.


Quick Turnaround. Low Cost. Big Results.


What’s Included

  • Basic Salesforce CRM implementation
  • End User training and guidance
  • Metrics, Dashboards and Reports to help you manage your business


  • Rapid return on investment
  • Increased user productivity
  • Unlock unused functionality in your existing platform

Why Choose Quickstart?

  • Generally up and running in less than 2 weeks
  • Low cost access to Salesforce
  • Maintain critical business process, while still upgrading your systems

Your Future

  • Build upon the basic Salesforce functionality as you grow
  • Easy user adoption and training practices
  • A scalable solution to meet your current and future needs

How We Deliver Results

Development and Implementation

CloudMyBiz develops customized Salesforce solutions for whatever your needs are. Whether you are looking for simple system tweaks, custom Salesforce functionality, or a totally new system built from the ground up, we can do it. You tell us what you need from Salesforce and we develop it. We work in tandem with you and your team to enhance your business process and ensure that implementing your solutions is a success.


We provide the outside expertise and perspective to help you analyze your business, diagnose gaps, and define solutions. For companies who have either had Salesforce for a long time, or are just getting started, we work closely with you to take what you already have, and make it better!


Is all your company’s data scattered across multiple platforms? Have you been trying to find a way to combine social media, call centers and financial systems in hopes that they communicate with one another? Perhaps you want to take your business on the road and integrate all your mobile devices. CloudMyBiz can solve for all of these through app integrations and custom development, all from within Salesforce. With CloudMyBiz integration services, Salesforce becomes the command center for all the products, applications and add ons that you need to run your business.

Data Migration

Your data is your livelihood, and we understand that. CloudMyBiz are specialists at ensuring you get the best results when migrating it to a new system or database. With our Salesforce Data Migrations, we are not only centralizing and streamlining your databases, but upgrading your system in the process.

Training Programs

Our experienced Salesforce training team will guide you from start to finish, ensuring a successfully executed project. We train you and your team on how to utilize and maintain your Salesforce system, including end-user and power-user training. Our program follows a proven strategy to improve user adoption and make sure that your team has all the resources they need to take advantage of their new solutions.



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