CloudMyBiz Quickstart Program


If you’re in the early stages of building out your Business or on a budget and a tight deadline, our Quick Start program will allow you to implement Salesforce at an affordable rate with a fast turnaround time, with no compromising on quality. You’ll get basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality at a reasonable rate, which you can develop as your needs and business grow. We can integrate your legacy systems, build on what you already have or start afresh – making sure you have what you need and guiding you throughout the process and on your Salesforce® journey.

Benefits include:

  • Renovate your support processes and maintain critical business processes
  • Fast and low cost Salesforce® deployment
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Higher end-user acceptance
  • Improvements to your CRM within a short period of time, allowing you to deliver exceptional Customer Service
  • Configure Salesforce to address key business processes
  • Unlock unused functionality in your existing platform
  • Increased user productivity
  • Configure solutions for optimal importance


  • Up and running in less than 2 weeks
  • Training for end users
  • A solid Salesforce® foundation that can be easily built upon
  • Customized Salesforce® testing environment, before it is rolled out to your Company
  • Metrics that will assist you in managing your business
  • Customized dashboard and training in running and adapting reports
  • Guidance on best practices

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