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Fundingo Origination

Fundingo Origination 2.11 Release Notes

Below is an outline of what is new in the Fundingo Origination 2.11 release, first offered on February 16, 2016.

Item Feature Name Description
1. Submission Wizard
  1. The user now has the ability to edit filters in the submission wizard if the user’s profile has a minimum of the View permission on the Program object.
  2. When the user selects “Create without Sending” from the Submission Wizard, the confirmation message “Submission records have been created for the following programs” will display.
2. Opportunity
  1. Renamed the label of McaApp_Balance_amt_c to @Depcrecated Balance for Opportunity object & removed these field from the layout.
3. Progress Bar
  1. The Progress Bar now displays Closed Lost.
  2. The Progress Bar now displays Declined.
4. Deal Entry Wizard
  1. The Deal Information tab on the Deal Entry Wizard can now have any fields added to it.
  2. The Summary section on the Deal Entry Wizard can now have any fields added to it.
  3. The Deal Entry Wizard now respects the permissions of profiles, and any fields or records that the user does not have access to write will be grayed out.
  4. Validation messages will be shown if the Amount field of Receivables and Payables do not equal the calculation of Percentage % and Percentage of fields.
5. Renewal Management
  1. Columns are now sorting
  2. Opportunities are now deselected when the page refreshes after choosing filters.
  3. Renewal Management now respects permissions.
  4. Renewal Management now uses pagination to display records.
  5. Renamed the “Remove Opportunity” button to “Remove.”
  6. Removed the “Remove” checkbox column.
  7. All of the filters have been fixed and properly working.
  8. The user is now prompted when an Opportunity does not have an email associated to it when trying to mass-email Opportunities for renewals.
  9. Clear Filter now clears all the filters on the Manage Renewal Page.
  10. The ToolTip icon now changes as per the sorting of the columns.
6. Timeline Bar
  1. The Timeline bar is now fixed width.
  2. Each Stage that is visible on the Timeline bar is equal to the amount of time it has been in that stage.
  3. Additional stages that are specific to a business can now be added to the Timeline bar.