At CloudMyBiz, we bring the power, flexibility and innovation of Salesforce to our clients. Salesforce is more than just a CRM, it is an entire ecosystem that can revolutionize the way you do business.

Alternative Lending

Through our FUNDINGO Loan Management Solution, we specialize in delivering exceptional results to our clients in various branches of the Alternative Lending industry.


Merchant Cash Advance

One of the fastest growing sectors in Alternative Lending, we provide results of X, Y and Z

Invoice Factoring

We provide these benefits here:


Equipment Financing

We also do things for equipment

Real Estate Services

Specializing with soltuions for those who are in the business of fix and flip side and/or bridge loans


Non-Lending Industires

Outside of lending, we are just as capable and can build you the perfect solution for your individual business needs.

lucky strike

Hospitality Services

From concierce, to restaurants, to events and entertainment – Salesforce can handle it

Educational Institutions

Universities and other places of continued learning


Consumer Services

DryBar – CBRE – and others

Industry Supply

Helping providers of industry-specific supplies, such as medical supplies and aerospace supplies, organized, process, and fulfill orders faster, and with better transparency

jaco aerospace

Want to see how our expertise could be applied to your business?