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Salesforce® Implementation

Did you know, there have been 82,400 Salesforce® implementations and every single one is unique?
Making sure that Salesforce is properly implemented is key to getting the most out of your Salesforce® investment.  Anything from integrating your legacy systems  to setting up your sales process can be accomplished with proper Salesforce implementation.
CloudMyBiz will establish your needs and objectives, determine the scope of your project and lay out a clear plan, making sure to utilize your business and organizational knowledge whilst sharing our industry-leading expertise; creating custom development to meet your individual needs.
Using Salesforce enables you to implement easily repeatable processes, allowing more time to focus on achieving your businesses goals. No job is too big – we’ve worked alongside small and large companies worldwide, on short and long-term projects, and in a plethora of industries.  We guide you in rolling out your new systems to branches across the globe in all areas and divisions.
CloudMyBiz offers guidance and support to ensure wide-ranging application, staff acceptance and success.  We understand there can be a natural resistance and will work with you to reduce and work through this, resulting in less risk and higher success rate.

Sales Cloud

  • Streamline sales channels, projections, and access superior reporting
  • Automated sales processes including quotes and sales procedures
  • Improved account management
  • Increased sales productivity and conversion percentages
  • Spend more time following leads and less time doing day-to-day tasks
  • Web-to-Lead
  • Success metrics – evaluate the benefits of your Salesforce development (including dashboards and reports)

Service Cloud

  • Build customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase first call resolution and agent productivity
  • Superior levels of communication and collaboration
  • Reduce cost by running your Customer Service through one platform
  • Service Cloud Console for an optimized user interface
  • CTI Integration
    • Call Customers from within Salesforce
    • Create sequential and intelligent call lists
  • Case assignment and escalation management
  • Email-to-Case and Web-to-Case integration

Marketing Cloud

  • Improve Social Media monitoring
  • Trace and measure social conversations
  • Leverage Cloud social media tools to learn more about your Customers
  • Track conversation sources
  • Engage with Customers easier and faster
  • Track your campaign Return on Investment
  • Website integration
  • Integrate with mass email tools
  • Google AdWords Integration and analysis
  • Campaign management and analysis

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