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App of the Week – PopUps by Stratus360

App of the Week – PopUps by Stratus360

One of the main tasks of a Salesforce Admin, is understanding how users work with the system, and managing what needs to be done at any given time. The PopUps app is a great notification and alert tool to help empower admins to do just that. A drag and drop builder allows you to quickly and easily create your notifications, and rules allow you to add them to just about any Lightning Component or Community Page. Even better is that you have three different options of how you want your notifications to appear, Modal, Toast or Flow.

When getting users’ attention is critical to your business, PopUps allows you to easily and quickly deploy notifications on any Salesforce Lightning record or Community page.

Check it out here!


Salesforce Certification Maintenance Now on Trailhead

Salesforce Certification Maintenance Now on Trailhead


With the December 14th deadline for Salesforce Certification Maintenance tests very, very near, it is worth discussing the recent changes to the maintenance test. Specifically, that the tests have moved over to Salesforce Trailhead!

First though, for those who aren’t familiar, Salesforce Certifications (for Administrators, Developers, etc.) require users to pass regular exams to keep the certification from expiring. This helps ensure everyone with a Salesforce Certification keeps up with the latest updates and changes to the platform.

Salesforce Trailhead, again for those who aren’t familiar, is a free and easy way to learn the basics of Salesforce and more. These interactive e-learning modules cover a huge range of topics, from Salesforce development to email marketing to the basic of blockchain! What’s more, you can pick and choose from any number of these modules to customize your own learning “trail”.


So back to the Salesforce Certification Maintenance – the process up until this past summer was for users to go to the Webassessor site to take their certification exam. However, at TrailheadDX earlier in the year, it was announced that all certification tests would slowly be migrating to the Trailhead platform, with the goal of having all tests hosted there by January 2019. At CloudMyBiz, our team of Certified Specialists is quite happy to see this switch and look forward to seeing all of the tests on Trailhead. As of now, the Administrator, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I and Marketing Cloud Email and Social Specialist tests have migrated to Trailhead.

Why the change? Well for one, it allows users to keep all of their learning, credentials and testing in one place. Users can log in to one central platform, go through the Trailhead module with images, videos, and examples, with a standard Trailhead quiz at the end. Boom, the certification is renewed! Not only is this faster but it is also a better process for us to continue our learning and growth with Salesforce.

Finally, for those who haven’t gotten around to taking advantage of the switch, there are a few things to know. You need to first link your Webassessor account with your Trailhead account. Here is a little info on how to link these accounts, if you haven’t done so already. That way any previous certifications you have won’t be lost.

With all that in mind, Happy Trailblazing


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


Do You Need a Salesforce Security Health Check?

Do You Need a Salesforce Security Health Check?


Salesforce is an investment. You put a lot of time, love and energy into making it work for you and just like anything in life that requires significant investment, sometimes we need to slow down and take a look at the health of whatever it may be, relationship, CRM or otherwise.

The Salesforce Security Health Check is one of the best ways to quickly and accurately look at your org, and ensure you don’t’ have any potential vulnerabilities in the system. Keeping your system safe and secure not only protects you and your business, but your customers as well.

How Does it Work?

The Salesforce Security Health Check tool calculates a score that measures how well your security settings meet either the Salesforce Baseline Standard or your selected custom baseline. This baseline score looks at a number of settings, and then determines if they are high risk, medium risk or low risk. Each of these settings, high, medium and low have associated values for each.  

Specifically, the Security Health Check looks at your settings for Login Access Policies, Network Access, Password Policies, Remote Site Settings, and Session Settings groups.

Settings that meet or exceed compliance raise the score, and settings at risk lower the score. Simple as that.

What if your company has different security standards than Salesforce? Not a problem, because interested admins can create custom baseline scores with a quick setup process. This is especially useful if you need higher security standards for a particular setting group, based on your industry or business.

If your business has experienced significant growth since deploying Salesforce, it may be a good idea to perform a Salesforce Security Health Check. To get started, follow the link below to see a quick start guide from Salesforce, or feel free to contact one of our Salesforce Consultants here at CloudMyBiz

Click here to learn how to get started with Security Health Check!

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz team

App of the Week – “Clone This User” for a Faster Admin Process

App of the Week – “Clone This User” for a Faster Admin Process

Administrators often have lengthy and somewhat tedious processes to keep their companies running smoothly. Creating a new user profile is no exception. This app simplifies that process. Clone This User allows you to quickly clone an existing user profile, keeping the settings and permissions intact for the new profile. For whatever your use, from mass adding new hires of similar permission to needing to create a backup profile and more, this app does it easy.

With Clone This User the administrator can look up the existing user that serves as the basis for the new one, enter a name and email, and generate the username & password immediately.

Check it out here!