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App of the Week – Campaign Member Helper

App of the Week – Campaign Member Helper

If you have ever used campaigns in Salesforce to create lists, and then use them for various activities, such as marketing, email blasts or to generally keep track of a certain group, then you might have experienced the frustration that is adding members to a campaign. As part of the standard Salesforce feature, users have a few steps to take to add leads and contacts to a campaign: either through a list import, and by running a report. Campaign Member Helper changes that, giving you faster, easier and more options for managing your Salesforce Campaigns!

The Campaign Member Helper allows users to search for leads/contacts and add them to a campaign as campaign members. The component also supports deletion of campaign members.

Check it out here!


Tip of the Week – Salesforce ‘Be A Builder’ Yields Unusual Results

Tip of the Week – Salesforce ‘Be A Builder’ Yields Unusual Results

How would you like a Salesforce App that tracks how many crickets were eaten by a chameleon? Sound strange? Well, that’s just what one developer did in the Salesforce Be A Builder Campaign.

Be A Builder

This week we are taking a bit of a break from our regular tips and tricks and would like to bring you a bit of fun. A few weeks ago, Salesforce unveiled their ‘Be A Builder’ campaign, which featured a series of instructional app development videos and a dev community group encouraging fun app builds, sharing and even prizes. The campaign was very well received and garnered a lot of attention and engagement. People from all around the world tuned into the videos, followed along with the instructions and learned some quick tips and tools for making their own apps. They used their creativity, built and shared their creations with the hashtag #beabuilder.

In a follow-up blog post last week, Salesforce Admins unveiled some of the better results of the campaign. One participant built the previously mentioned app for monitoring how many crickets his pet chameleon was fed. The app featured Lightning Custom Components, Reports and Dashboards, Quick Actions, Apex Code, and Custom Objects. Just goes to show you that Salesforce really can be customized for just about anything under the sun!

Read More about the Be A Builder Results Here!

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team