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How to Create Your Own Default List View in Salesforce

How to Create Your Own Default List View in Salesforce

Are you constantly returning to a particular list in Salesforce to get your daily tasks done, such as an open pipeline, or a list of flagged opportunities? Whatever the list may be if it is something you pull up every day you definitely want it to be easy to access and to not spend a lot of time pulling it up. Although Salesforce is always touting the flexibility of their platform, this is one area that, despite the many requests for the feature, has yet to be explicitly built out.


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However, this certainly hasn’t stopped the community from figuring out a workaround! So, if you are like so many other users who would benefit from a default list view feature, you are in luck. With only a few quick steps you can add any list to your top nav bar and rename it to whatever suits your needs. For a quick how-to guide to this super handy trick, follow the link below to the blog at Salesforceben.com

Check it out here!


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team