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Upgrades Coming to the Salesforce Mobile App

Upgrades Coming to the Salesforce Mobile App

Salesforce Mobile is the latest branch of the Salesforce UI to get a significant face lift. As many of you know, Salesforce is making a large push to get all of their users onto Lightning. And for good reason. The interface is more user friendly and the workflows and layouts have been improved. Of course, Salesforce Classic will no longer be getting the newest features, support and upgrades, so it only makes sense to make the jump to lightning.

That is where the new Salesforce Mobile App comes in. The mobile version of Salesforce has been a bit behind for some time now, and was in need of some love. The latest upgrades have made the mobile app completely in sync with Lightning, giving users an extremely similar experience.

If you are a Lightning user, the above screenshot should look pretty familiar to you. The end result of these upgrades:

  • Users can have a smoother transition from desktop to phone, and can see the same screens and components on either
  • You can set up different pages, templates, or components to show as default, depending on which type of device is being used (desktop, tablet, phone)

So, for any remote sales teams, or regular mobile users, the Salesforce Mobile App should be much improved and better enable you to grow your business.

Click here for a short guide on setting up and using the new Mobile App


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team



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