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What Can You Do with Einstein Voice for Salesforce?

What Can You Do with Einstein Voice for Salesforce?

Announced at Dreamforce, Salesforce is improving their Einstein Voice product with the intention to make it a central, and heavily utilized features across their entire platform. Einstein Voice was announced over a year ago, and the newest set of updates and features are known as Einstein Voice Skills – enabling admins and developers to build custom, voice-powered Salesforce apps tailored to any role or industry, giving every employee a personalized CRM guide.

Einstein Voice, similar to Google’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, is a voice powered AI that can help users with all things Salesforce. However, with the new updates, Einstein will be more than just a voice activated search feature.

Users can update Salesforce records and create tasks using natural language requests, or tap Einstein Vice Assistant to navigate through Einstein Analytics dashboards and surface metrics like open service cases and performance guidance. You can also set it up to deliver a daily brief of “key priorities” like upcoming calendar appointments and teams pipeline updates.Finally, because Einstein is siloed and restricts data pulls to individual users’ accounts, it can be “taught” to recognize jargon, acronyms, and slang in an organization’s lexicon.

What voice activated AI would be complete without its own designated speaker device? Salesforce also unveiled its Einstein Smart Speaker, which offers tantalizing possibilities. Imagine being in a meeting room, and being able to ask, “Einstein, what is our closing ratio for this year? And how much did that improve over last year?” and rapidly getting the answer from your AI assistant!

Einstein Voice is currently in Beta, and expected to be fully released in 2021


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