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App of the Week – Evernote Hits Salesforce!

App of the Week – Evernote Hits Salesforce!

Your meeting went great and you took all sorts of important notes. Your client can’t wait to purchase your product, and even gave you a dollar amount and a follow-up date. But how much did they say? And was that next Tuesday or Wednesday? It’s in Evernote, but now you need to copy all that information into Salesforce. Now with Evernote Business for Salesforce, all your team’s notes are just a click away!

See notes your team members have linked about a contact or an opportunity and have shared with your business through Related Notes

Collect information on leads and contacts and then connect any relevant Evernote notes to a Salesforce record by linking them together with a single click

Access and add to all your notes within Evernote at client meetings, even when you’re offline

Leverage the work of your colleagues and avoid doing research others have already completed

Read more about it here and check out the app today!