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How AI Will Impact the Lending Industry

How AI Will Impact the Lending Industry

It wasn’t so long ago that doing business online wasn’t considered to be a given. Depending on the industry you were in, the attitude may have been something like, “Internet? We don’t need that to do our jobs!”

AI and lending

Can you imagine saying that now?

Well in a few short years, there is a pretty good chance we will be saying that same thing again, only this time it will be about AI. As in, every business will be using some form of AI and it will be virtually unthinkable that a company wouldn’t be. AI and machine learning platforms can provide tremendous benefits to a business, from providing actionable insights, to reducing or eliminating time consuming manual tasks.

As AI only continues to grow, we wanted to share a recent article from Forbes, discussing Three Ways AI will Impact the Lending Industry

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In addition, for anyone using Salesforce, regardless of industry, the presence of AI is steadily becoming apparent in the ecosystem. Want to see how much? Take a peek at the link below, where you can see on the Salesforce AppExchange there are over 170 apps that offer some form of AI, and not to mention the various components, bolt solutions and consultants that can help enable AI for your business on Salesforce!

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