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Tip of the Week – Visualize your data with Image Formulas

Tip of the Week – Visualize your data with Image Formulas

image formulaA common issue for many Salesforce users is that they feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of information available to them. While this is certainly a good problem to have, the next question that everyone finds themselves asking is, “how can I simplify all my data, and find the most effective way to communicate it to my users or clients?”

While you could spend time drafting extremely thorough and elaborate email or presentations, chock full of data points and every significant blurb you can think of, your audience might not have the time or desire to focus on what you are showing them.

A quick and easy solution to this is creating image formulas! Image Formulas are simple graphic indicators that can be used to represent the data that resides within Salesforce. They are highly customizable and (as long as you build your formula correctly) will automatically adjust themselves to accurately represent data as it changes.

You can build graphic indicators to represent just about anything:

  • the earning potential of an opportunity (if the opportunity is under $_____, then only show 1 dollar image, if it is between $_____ and $_____ show 2 dollars and if it is over $______ show a whole stack of dollars );
  • the industry that is listed on a particular account (medical, legal, financial, media);
  • ratings of a lead, contact, account or opportunity (EX. one two or three stars)

So how can you build these sweet little graphic helpers? Follow the links below for an easy, step by step solution.

 After you find yourself  comfortable with the process, the fun part really begins, where you can select your images and icons, and spice up all your reports!


-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys