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Jaco Aerospace

Jaco Aerospace

Jaco Aerospace provides high-quality aircraft supplies, including ground support equipment (GSE) and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) products. They give governments, commercial airlines, and private companies within the aviation and aerospace industries the materials they need to maintain aging aircraft and find new solutions. As a trusted aviation supply company, Jaco distributes only materials that meet the highest standards, including official mil-spec supplies.

The Challenge

In order to fulfill orders and provide quality service to their customers, Jaco Aerospace created an online interface for pricing proposal requests and sales. However, as they grew, their internal tracking and processing systems could not keep up with their pace of sales.

Jaco’s legacy system for tracking and processing orders did not give them the capability to track orders in real time, manage repeat orders or automate processes. They realized they needed an upgraded and cohesive order management system that would allow them to take on new, better business and provide greater customer service.

Jaco executives became interested in the possibilities presented through Salesforce. Because Salesforce is primarily geared to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Jaco needed a Salesforce expert to advise them on the best options for customizing the system for their specific needs and guiding them on creating a superior order management process.

Why CloudMyBiz?

CloudMyBiz, a leader in cloud-based technology, develops custom business solutions built on the Salesforce platform and helps companies implement and upgrade their systems at an affordable cost. From building custom systems to leveraging already built apps, CloudMyBiz is interested in creating the best possible solution for our clients and delivering tangible results.

The team of Salesforce development and implementation experts at CloudMyBiz had the skills to implement Salesforce and migrate Jaco’s processes and data onto the new system. CloudMyBiz also had the expertise to recommend a 3rd party Order Management System from the AppExchange and integrate it into Salesforce, dramatically improving Jaco’s business process with a powerful pre-built app.

The Result

The CloudMyBiz solution for Jaco was an immediate success. CloudMyBiz implemented Salesforce and integrated the best possible 3rd party apps. The result of which: Jaco was able to track all of their orders, reap the benefits of the Salesforce cloud platform and get powerful add-on functionality from the 3rd party apps, without the cost of building everything from scratch.

Following the initial project, Jaco and CloudMyBiz have continued to work and grow together, building upon the original system foundation and creating some fantastic results, including:

  • A sophisticated system for tracking shipments, significantly reducing late deliveries.
  • Powerful inventory maintenance and automation tools, the foundation for significant growth.
  • Integration of new accounting software, which created a new streamlined financials process.
  • Document generation for invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders became highly automated.
  • Addition of in-depth reporting options so Jaco could better focus on their more profitable customers.
  • Smart automation to flag orders and determine appropriate shipping needs.

Jaco has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, including upgrading to a new facility and acquiring a specialized tape supply company. The custom developments, integrations, and implementations by CloudMyBiz have given Jaco the foundation they needed to maximize their systems and take on more and more business. Jaco has maintained their strong relationship with CloudMyBiz, getting expert guidance and custom solutions, while steadily building a better and better system for supplying aerospace supplies to their customers.