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App of the Week – LearnTrac: Data-Driven Learning Management System

App of the Week – LearnTrac: Data-Driven Learning Management System

While there are many different Learning Management Systems (LMS) out there, our App of the Week this week is focused on LearnTrac.  When you think of a LMS, you want to have a wide range of features, such as quizzes, scoring, gamification, leaderboards, instructor led sessions plus catalogs and calendars. Well Learn Trac has all of this, plus the added benefit of being built directly on Salesforce, so all of the data is synced. This means that you can sync up Trailhead, Einstein, Reports and Dashboards, as well as enable notifications and Chatter to enhance your LMS experience!

LearnTrac helps you train your employees/customers/partners, increase engagement, and gain valuable insights to change behavior and drive results – all from within Salesforce.

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Robust Team Training with Cornerstone LMS  for Salesforce

Robust Team Training with Cornerstone LMS for Salesforce


It’s no secret that training and continued education are important in today’s business world. However, it can be challenging to decide which training program to use, and how to go about getting your whole team on the same page. Not all training and LMS apps give you the functionality and power you want. Consider this though: Salesforce themselves use Cornerstone LMS to train their team. If it’s good enough for Salesforce, they have got to be doing something right!

Cornerstone for Salesforce enables your employees, partners, clients, and volunteers with the mission-critical information they need, exactly when & where it’s needed.

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5 Common Business Training Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Business Training Mistakes to Avoid


Proper training is key to business success for both the present and the future. It does require some real investment, but it more than pays for itself if you make the right decisions. With the plethora of options out there for training, you might be tempted to just dive in and create a nifty high-tech training program for your team. However, before you do, make sure you take some time and set out a smart plan to make sure your learners are getting the most out of what you give them. To aid in the planning process, we have a few essential tips that can really make the difference in high-quality results. Avoid these training mistakes below, and get your learners the in-depth, quality training you want, instead of having the information go in one ear and out the other.

Lack of Concrete Goals

If you don’t know exactly what the goal of the training is, how can you expect great results? Step one to any good training is defining a couple concrete goals, both long term and short term. Once you have your goals, sit down and evaluate what training materials and content you currently have and what additional materials you might need to achieve your goals. You may be surprised to find that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or hire a consultant to get the results you want. Finally, don’t be hesitant to take advantage of the skills your team already has to bridge gaps. Maybe you want to ask around and get feedback on the quality and needs of the training. Keep it open, but always with your concrete goals in mind

Information Overload

It isn’t hard to throw too much at someone new. You want them to get on board as fast as possible, and with all your specific business processes and practices, there are usually quite a few documents to go over. But showing a little restraint at the beginning can actually make things faster in the long run, as people will be able to steadily retain information and not get overwhelmed. One technique is to break your content down into smaller courses, rather than tackling the whole thing at once. This allows people to digest the whole thing over the course of a few sessions and enables them to better retain everything they have learned.

Lack of Hands-On Training

Technology-based training is the primary vehicle for all businesses these days. While LMS’s and other training options are very effective, don’t forget that the hands-on variations are, generally speaking, the most effective form of training for most people. Short, practical, relevant courses will give your learners the best results, and wherever possible, look to give your learners an avenue to ask questions and get quick answers from a qualified trainer.

Do keep in mind though that different people learn differently, and consider making all of the information available in different formats, such as written or pre-recorded in a demo. When training content is all kept to the same style, learners who happen to match well with that kind of content will significantly outperform those who have different learning styles. If you can deliver content using a variety of methods including visual, auditory, written, and activity-based elements, and make them as hands-on and active as possible, you will improve the overall success in all of your training.  

Don’t be Boring

Believe it or not, this is one of those things that most companies just don’t think about. They focus on getting the bare bones content into some form of video or document, and then just hand it over to the learner, regardless of how interesting or well presented it is. But think back to those classes we have all have had during our schooling: where a boring, monotone teacher is droning on and on and putting half the class to sleep. Is that what your content is like? If so, can you really expect your team to get focused and learn what they need to learn?

Recent learning trends have been combating this and spicing up that dull old business training process. Gamification is one of the more popular and fun methods, making training interactive and adding a little bit of lighthearted competition. Newer applications and programs are also making it super easy to add videos, images and interactive widgets or icons, to keep variety and break up the content.

Training that Doesn’t Grow and Evolve

Your company isn’t static, so why should your training be? As your company grows and times change, so will your needs, practices and goals. As all of this natural growth occurs, so should your company training. Whether it is training for current employees on a new technology or business strategy or updating your basic content to correctly reflect your current business practices, evolving your training along with your business is an essential component. It doesn’t make much sense to train your employees on outdated practices. Not only will it be confusing, but it will also be demotivating to ask people to learn something that isn’t entirely relevant.

Whether you have a brand new Salesforce system or have just recently upgraded and updated a number of your processes, you will need to train your team. If you can keep in mind these common training mistakes, you should have a solid foundation for creating a better and more effective training, and ultimately get the most out of your investment!


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team

Tip of the Week – Pocket Guide to the Best Learning Management Systems

Tip of the Week – Pocket Guide to the Best Learning Management Systems

Growth and expansion can be very exciting for any company. Whether you are adding just one new hire, or a whole new team, usually it means good things are going on. However, there is always the dreaded downside of growth: training. It can be a laborious and challenging process to get new people up to speed and ready to dive in. Even if your trainers have detailed, comprehensive plans, and plenty of time to schedule and work with new people (which they don’t always have), it is still possible for gaps to appear in knowledge bases, or to simply have a trainee get lost in the sea of information.


An LMS, or Learning Management System, is designed to remedy this, by providing an orderly and thorough training for just about anything you want to learn or teach. From user adoption programs, to new hire training, to common community education, an LMS can run it. For those of us in the tech and sales world, there are also a growing number of LMS apps that can be installed and run directly on Salesforce. However, the question inevitably is… which LMS to choose? We at CloudMyBiz have spent some time combing through the various LMS apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, and have put together a little cheat sheet for some of the more popular LMS apps available there. Take a look, and hopefully this little guide will help you make the right decision and move your organization onward and upward.

Author’s Note: The comparison chart provided was compiled to the best of our knowledge and using the most up to date materials we could find. If there are any errors or omissions we gently apologize, and would be happy to correct them as needed.

-Ryan and the CMB Team


App of the Week – Create your own Trailhead Learning with Impact LMS

App of the Week – Create your own Trailhead Learning with Impact LMS


Training new employees can be a challenging process. You don’t want to completely stop the train in order to get new people on-board and up to speed. That is why a customizable Trailhead learning platform could be essential to your org’s growth and stability. Creating your own online training program is the most efficient and effective way to bring on board new people or even further train your current employees.

With Impact LMS, you can deliver a Trailhead experience for your employees and partners. Create online training with ease. Impact enables a true Salesforce LMS. Take advantage of Work.com Badging, Chatter collaboration and the proven Salesforce.com security model.

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