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Tip of the Week – Make mobile more manageable with Mobile Cards for Salesforce1

Tip of the Week – Make mobile more manageable with Mobile Cards for Salesforce1

Whether you’re in the field and need directions to your next appointment, are at a lunch meeting and want to present a few options for a client to review, or are sitting on the beach and want to check in on your accounts while sipping your margarita, Salesforce1 is the app for you. Salesforce1 puts all your Salesforce data into your pocket or handbag so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you’re on the go. The problem is that navigating Salesforce1 can be a bit difficult sometimes, requiring more button clicks and drilling down to get the same information you see at a glance on your computer, especially when talking about related lists (like Opportunities for an Account). Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all that information with a couple flicks of your thumb? Well, you can with Mobile Cards for Salesforce1.

Mobile Cards for Salesforce1 allow you to add custom Visualforce components optimized for mobile devices straight onto your mobile page layouts. If you can do it with Visualforce, you can probably do it for Salesforce1. One common challenge is showing the information from a related list on your mobile device. This can be easily remedied with a very simple Visualforce Page (code below). Be sure to check “Available for Salesforce mobile apps” to allow it to display in your mobile app. While this example doesn’t look terribly pretty, it’s a great jumping-off point to get you started on building truly brilliant Mobile Cards and making your Salesforce1 experience awesome and uniquely your own.

<apex:page standardController="Account" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" standardstylesheets="true">
<apex:relatedList list="Contacts" ></apex:relatedList>

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys