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Integrated Customer Data with Salesforce Customer 360

Integrated Customer Data with Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce has long used the idea of “a 360-degree view on the customer” to describe just how the CRM works in relationship to clients and customers.



Of course, what this means is that the better the CRM, and the more data involved, the more complete a view you can get of who is buying your products or services. Not just a few data points, but as complete a picture as possible, taken from all sorts of angles.

Apart from this just being a catchy sounding phrase, a 360-degree view is something that Salesforce is actively looking to provide and enhance on a regular basis. Up until now, Salesforce has been great at helping companies get in-depth details on their customers, and then allowing it to be accessed in easy to use and understand apps and clouds. However, one issue that has always remained, is that this data, while easy to use and intuitive on each platform, is still siloed, and users have to navigate between the different platforms to see everything.

Well, that too is going to change. Back in September, Salesforce announced that they were creating a new cross-platform program called Salesforce Customer 360. The idea is to deliver a new way for companies to connect Salesforce apps and create a unified cross – channel customer experience. By placing the customer at the center of the business, Customer 360 will enable companies to usher in dynamic new customer engagement models that bring together service, marketing, commerce and more in entirely new ways.

What does that look like exactly? While it might seem hard to envision how Salesforce is going to connect marketing, sales, support and all the other apps and their data, it looks like they have a pretty clear plan going forward. As this article explains, Salesforce is looking to combine all relevant data points, from the various platforms into a highly customizable single UI.

Salesforce acquired Mulesoft last year as well, and it is becoming clearer as to why. One reason is to power this Salesforce Customer 360 with the Mulesoft API, which allows the various apps and platforms to connect seamlessly, and share data. It seems that the days of customer data being siloed multiple platforms, from marketing to service to commerce are numbered.

While Salesforce 360 is currently only a pilot program, look for it to be rolling out in the somewhat near future.


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team