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Quickly Setup Campaigns with AAkonsult Campaign Status

Quickly Setup Campaigns with AAkonsult Campaign Status


Do you know the time-consuming pain of building campaign after campaign in Salesforce, with redundant fields and statuses? The AAkonsult Campaign Status app takes a long and slow manual process and builds in some smart shortcuts. Rather than populating all campaign details fresh every time, this app allows you to create campaign templates, that can be applied with just a click and applies your default values to whatever fields you specify.



Tired of having to set up Campaign Member Status’s every single time you create a new Campaign. Simply setup a list of default status values by Campaign Type and the system automatically assigns.

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Tip of the Week – Tips for Salesforce Campaigns

Tip of the Week – Tips for Salesforce Campaigns

Salesforce Campaigns are one of the best additions you can make to your marketing plan. Why are they so good?  First off, you get instant access to all your Salesforce accounts, contacts and leads. Not only that, but the data, reports and metrics that you can access can’t be beat. Here are a few tips for getting the most of your Salesforce Campaigns:

  • Parent Campaigns can make your process faster as well as keep you better organized.
  • Make sure to check your Salesforce reports for campaign effectiveness data.
  • Use automated features to add different contacts / members to different campaigns. You can also target specific groups of members, to maximize impact.
  • If you have both a marketing and sales team, think about creating a standardized Campaign process to ensure both teams understand their responsibilities and all gaps are covered.

Click here for more tips on campaigns!

-Ryan and the CMB Team

Tip of the Week – Wish your clients Happy Holidays from Salesforce

Tip of the Week – Wish your clients Happy Holidays from Salesforce

Happy Holidays!

Customer relations is central to any CRM implementation, and happy clients tend to mean more revenue. You work hard all year to make your customers feel good about your products and the services you provide, but with the winter holidays approaching, the task of reaching out to all your clients to wish them a happy holiday season can seem daunting. How do you keep track of who’s been called, emailed, visited? Who’s getting a card or gift? Not to fear, Salesforce can help!

The simple solution to your holiday metrics needs is Campaigns. Create a Campaign called 2014 Holiday Outreach, then create separate child Campaigns for each of your holiday initiatives (such as Christmas Cards, Chocolate Boxes, or Holiday Email). Once you’ve set these up, you can go ahead and add your campaign members to the appropriate campaigns and track their status (Email Sent, Turkey Cooked, Santa fed). You can even mass email your pretty holiday email template with 4 easy steps. Now you can keep track of costs, contacts made, and not miss making that powerful connection in this time of thankfulness, family, and friends.

Special credit to one of our awesome clients who recommended this week’s holiday tip!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys