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Tip of the Week – Editing Hovers in Lightning

Tip of the Week – Editing Hovers in Lightning

Little features of a system can make big differences in function and efficiency. Take for example, the hover feature. You know, that intuitive aspect of computing where you place your cursor over something you are interested in, and more info will pop up without clicking. It saves time and keeps screens de-cluttered and organized. If you are using Salesforce, you can see this hover feature in action when you hover over a Case number, and an extremely helpful pop-up will give you a preview of what is contained in that Case.

In the standard format, this hover feature can be a great help to moving deals faster and simply making sure you have the right case. However, if you are using Salesforce Lightning, it can get better. With a little know how,  you can choose exactly what info is pertinent, and customize what appears when you hover over the Case number. Follow the link below for a quick guide on modifying your compact layouts, and making those hovers work for you.

Customize Case Hovers in Lightning Experience

-Ryan and the CMB Team

Tip of the Week – Cleaning up Unneeded Salesforce Customizations

Tip of the Week – Cleaning up Unneeded Salesforce Customizations


Getting slowed down by old, out of date customizations? It happens to the best of us. Even that big update that you desperately needed just two years ago might not be so essential anymore. Change and growth happens. It’s a good thing. That is why it might be time to do a little spring cleaning in your org!

The best practice to clean out old customizations, is a decommissioning process by which Administrators, Developers, and Release Managers can safely remove customizations without causing any disruption to the business. There are five basic steps to follow to ensure a safe and effective spring clean:

  1. Research – Take your time to find all the places the customization is located, and test removal in the sandbox.
  2. Communicate – Notify all end users of the pending change, and give them some time (15-30 days) to prepare
  3. Restrict – Remove user access
  4. Monitor – Watch and wait (up to 90 days) to ensure no issues pop up
  5. Decommission – Backup your customizations (just in case) and then remove.

Click Here for a more detailed guide to safely removing customizations.

-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys