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Tip of the Week – Dreamforce Tips #6 – Become a part of the Salesforce Community

Tip of the Week – Dreamforce Tips #6 – Become a part of the Salesforce Community

Salesforce is an incredibly robust tool, and with great power comes great complexity. If you use Salesforce, there will come a day where you just don’t know what to do. From end user to Admin to Developer, something will come up that is just beyond your skill set. Maybe you don’t know how to find that record you accidentally deleted, are having trouble with a complex Workflow, can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with your Trigger, or maybe you’re just looking for the next great new enhancement for your org. Not to worry, there are copious tools at your disposal, and in this final installment of Dreamforce Tips, I’d like to recommend one of the most valuable – the Salesforce Success Community.

I’ve told you about the #askforce community on Twitter, which is an invaluable tool for getting help fast. But sometimes you need more than 140 characters to solve your problem, and #askforce isn’t the easiest place to find previous challenges and solutions. The Success Community can be a little slower, but the same incredible people who help you out on Twitter also scour the Community to offer the same level of support and assistance. And if you have Salesforce, you already have access. All you have to do is click Help in the top right corner from any page in Salesforce then click the Success Community icon. There, you can search for solutions, post questions and ideas, browse help and training documentation, and more! Join us next week for a post about an incredible success from the Salesforce community!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys

Dreamforce Sock Update:

Dreamforce Socks

And we have cuffs! Now to get these guys off the needles in time for Veterans’ Day! Wish me luck