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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike

Thriving at the bustling intersections of live music, chef-driven cuisine, nightlife and bowling, Lucky Strike has emerged as an industry leader in entertainment. Through timeless friendly service, one-of-a-kind atmosphere, superb food & drink, and industry leading bowling, Lucky Strike has crafted an immersive and unforgettable experience.

The Challenge

Since they opened in 2003, the Lucky Strike bowling alley has grown to a 20 location, nationwide events chain. However, as they grew, their Salesforce integrated event management system could not adequately keep up with their expanding needs and processes. There was little flexibility and significant slowdown and headaches for their team.

Lucky Strike determined the best solution was to switch from their legacy system to Tripleseat, a strong and scalable event management solution.

The challenge was that Tripleseat did not have a ready-made integration for Salesforce. In order to continue growing, Lucky Strike needed a custom built integration for Tripleseat and Salesforce.

Why CloudMyBiz?

CloudMyBiz, a leader in the world of cloud based technology for business, develops custom business solutions, built on the Salesforce platform, and helps companies upgrade their systems for a fraction of the cost. Through its team of Salesforce development and implementation experts, CloudMyBiz had the tools and experience to craft a seamless integration and help solve Lucky Strike’s challenge. Further, CloudMyBiz had been maintaining Lucky Strike’s previous event system and so was the natural choice for the implementation project.

The Result

CloudMyBiz successfully replaced the legacy Salesforce integration with Tripleseat, immediately improving the quality and reliability of the management system. The Tripleseat integration with Salesforce was completely custom, and built from the ground up. CloudMyBiz was able to reuse existing objects, workflows, and fields from the client’s previous system, effectively minimizing the impact of the switch.

Custom objects and features, such as events, locations and accounts were given new functionality to make bookings faster and more transparent. The end result was that Lucky Strike no longer had significant performance issues and were able to fully adopt Tripleseat, making their internal processes faster, smoother and smarter. Following the development and implementation, Lucky Strike has utilized CloudMyBiz maintenance services to continue maximizing their Tripleseat integration and ensure continuous growth.

CloudMyBiz Helps Merchant Cash Advance Dreams Become Reality | Yahoo Finance

CloudMyBiz Helps Merchant Cash Advance Dreams Become Reality | Yahoo Finance


CloudMyBiz Helps Merchant Cash Advance Dreams Become Reality

In Advance Capital Reaches New Heights

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In Advance Capital (IAC), a fast moving organization in the world of merchant cash advance and small business lending, recently announced that it has secured a $50 million credit line following many quarters of significant growth. CloudMyBiz (CMB), who implemented a fully automated and integrated Salesforce system and integration for the IAC Organization, is extremely happy to see the overwhelming success that this client is having.

The partnership with IAC has been a breath of fresh air. We are very pleased with the success of the project, how it has grown and are looking forward to further growth ahead, says Henry Abenaim, Founder of CloudMyBiz.

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Following a demonstration in August of 2015, In Advance Capital purchased the full suite of CloudMyBiz’s customized Salesforce Apps, including Fundingo Origination, Underwriting, Loan Servicing, Syndication, Decision Logic and Splits. This new system allowed for greater flexibility of reporting, real-time underwriting decisions based on live data, automated loan servicing and significant process streamlining.

CMB’s system, combined with ongoing support and customizations, provided the backbone and functionality to make IAC’s success possible. 18 months later, the results speak for themselves. When they started in 2015, In Advance Capital was funding around $80,000 a month. This number has currently grown to about $2.5 million a month. In the last two months alone, they have seen a 220% increase of applications. The net result of this growth: a new $50 million credit line and very bright prospects for the future.

About CloudMyBiz

The CloudMyBiz team empowers business through the Cloud and encourages streamlined collaboration between departments, clients, customers and partners. CloudMyBiz specializes in Salesforce Implementation, Migration, Integration and Development, in addition to working with Third Party Applications and Custom App Development.

About In Advance Capital

Times Square-based In Advance Capital is a merchant cash advance company providing working capital to small- and medium-size businesses nationwide. Though only 18 months old, In Advance Capital has grown quickly, attributing portfolio transparency, discipline, and strong relationships with investors as keys to their growth and sustainability.