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Do You Have Salesforce Chatbots?

Do You Have Salesforce Chatbots?

Einstein Bots Are Here!

With the most recent release of Salesforce, (Summer ‘18) Einstein Bots are now generally available. Einstein Bots are customizable chatbots that simulate human conversation with either text or talking. No, these are not little AI robots running around inside your computer but is a program that used tree-based logic and keywords to give smart, intuitive responses to the questions it receives.


Based in the Service Cloud, Einstein Bots are a great tool to better help and serve your customers. Chatbots are perfectly suited for performing repetitive tasks, like resetting passwords and checking on order statuses, which in turn frees up your live agents to focus on more complex tasks. These handy bots could potentially save you many hours each and every day, that could be better spent on other tasks. What’s more, a simple chatbot can be built by just about anyone with just a little instruction.

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-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team