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Tip of the Week – How to Enhance your Salesforce Note Taking

Tip of the Week – How to Enhance your Salesforce Note Taking

Salesforce has developed an enhanced note taking system, and it’s available only for the Lightning Experience. Do you or your users rely on their digital notes to do their jobs? If so you might want to consider this enhanced Salesforce feature.  With a better system, you can communicate faster, communicate more effectively and boost your productivity.

What specifically can enhanced note taking do for you? Some of the new features and benefits are listed below.

  • Rich text formatting, like bold and italic, allows you to highlight details or enhance meaning
  • Better organization with bulleted and numbered lists
  • Make more of an impact with pictures or images
  • Share notes with people or groups
  • Relate a note to multiple records, such as opportunities, accounts, and contacts, to save time and spread important information.
  • Keep sensitive information secure with private notes

Interested in learning more? Salesforce admins have written up a great in-depth guide (see link below) on enhanced note taking and how to implement it in your org.

Click here for enhanced notes!

-Ryan and the CMB Team