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Who Can See What in Salesforce Communities?

Who Can See What in Salesforce Communities?

When you need to work with a partner or partners, and want to do it through Salesforce, communities are the way to go. We have written before about how you can Enhance a Business Partnership with Salesforce Community – but to summarize, a Partner Community allows two or more businesses to share any specified Salesforce data, including, contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities.

Companies can use the Partner Community to increase transparency, communicate efficiently and push leads and deals through the Sales pipeline faster. Of course, one of the big considerations here is: what about the business info and data that you don’t want shared? After all, you love your partners, but that doesn’t mean you want to give them access to everything in your Salesforce org.

Naturally, Salesforce has a way to handle this, and it is done through user types. Partner communities contain various types of users who require varying levels of access. What users see depends on their user type and which tabs the administrator selects when creating the community.

And the varying degrees of access is extensive, meaning that you can pick and choose who can see or modify just about anything in the portal, from being able to see or modify the global header, to restricting certain information of the various users. This enables anyone with admin access to the portal, to fine tune exactly who can see what in Salesforce Communities, and ensure that anything you want to keep private, will stay that way without impacting the power of the portal.

For a complete list of user roles and standard permissions, click here.


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App of the Week – GSP Sales Dashboard – Enterprise+

App of the Week – GSP Sales Dashboard – Enterprise+

Visibility into your sales pipeline and performance is no joke. After all, if you don’t know why you were successful in the past, how can you tell if you are going to be a success in the future. Which Salesforce does come equipped with the ability to create custom reports and dashboards, they may not be giving you everything you need. With the GSP Sales Dashboard from the AppExchange, you will get some great pre-built dashboards, such as Average Deal Size and Win Rate by Salesperson, and more!

“Fully customizable, high impact sales dashboard that gives tremendous visibility of the size, trend and quality of the sales pipeline and sales performance. ”

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