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What are APIs good for?

What are APIs good for?

APIs are something that most developers will be familiar with, but for the rest of us, they sound like just another technical acronym that we either don’t understand or have never even heard of.

An API is short for Application Programmer Interface. API simply refers to the method programmers use to interface with software, and only works via software to software. API’s are open-ended and can be built to do just about anything. For example, when you buy a movie ticket online, your card info is being sent via API.

For business purposes, API’s are a great way to send data, particularly sensitive data if you encrypt it, to another business, client or partner. Developers can craft the API for just about any business use and when you connect it to the Salesforce API’s, you can send and populate data directly into your CRM.

We came across a great article on the Salesforce blog that goes into some detail about how API’s are connecting our world in all sorts of unseen ways. For anyone who wants to dive a little deeper, and better understand the technology behind the digital web that connects us, read on:

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