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A Better Salesforce Cloud Flow Builder is Coming Soon

A Better Salesforce Cloud Flow Builder is Coming Soon


Salesforce Cloud Flow Builder, as any admin knows, is one of the most versatile and functional features of Salesforce, and it’s about to get even better. The easy to use process builder is getting a few upgrades that will help admins better automate and guide users through their flows.

What is the Cloud Flow Builder?

For anyone who doesn’t know, here’s the skinny: The Cloud Flow Builder is a tool that allows any Salesforce admin or developer to automate business processes — without code — at enterprise speed and scale. This takes a lot of pressure off IT and puts the business process creation in the hands of admins who know it better than anyone. Admins are guided by simple, visual interfaces, allowing IT to focus on more complex projects.

Almost any kind of business process can be automated, helping just about anyone, from Sales to Support, to have better, faster and more intuitive processes. What’s more, the Flow builder’s intuitive design allows admins to automate processes quickly, and smartly, saving them time and money as well. Streamlined and efficient business process help employees focus on their jobs, rather than the time-consuming busy work. The Cloud Flow Builder empowers admins, eases the IT workload, boosts efficiency and increased productivity.

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The New Flow Builder

So if the Cloud Builder is so good, what is changing? Well, first of all, Salesforce has revamped with a new design style, using the four design principles of clarity, efficiency, consistency, and beauty.

What’s more, the Flow Builder needed a new foundation. The Cloud Flow Designer was originally built upon Adobe Flash. However, Adobe is retiring their Flash player by 2020, and so Salesforce is getting ahead of the game, and switching off Flash early.

The new Flow Builder includes:

  • More familiar and intuitive shapes to make flows easier to read.
  • Faster performance, built off newer technology
  • Standardized, efficient controls, taken from the Lightning Design System
  • A simpler toolbox to make building flows easier

Salesforce is hoping that the new Flow Builder will be easier to use, easier to learn, and easy to transition to. As of now, the New Flow Builder is scheduled for release in Spring of 2019. The other good news is that the change will happen automatically for all users. That’s right, the New Flow Builder will be available for both Lightning and Salesforce Classic, and you don’t have to do anything to get access.

All previously created flows will continue working like normal, but any new changes or modifications will be translated into the new flow version and saved separately.

So stay tuned, and before you know it, your Cloud Flow Builder will get a fantastic new facelift and improved performance!

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-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team