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Do you use Google Chrome extensions? Depending on your work, and how you use your browsers, you really might be missing out. Chrome extensions are powerful little add-ons to the browser that can do all sorts of things, from running pre-written scripts to giving you hidden info to connecting you to other info sources, without clicking off your page.

Of course, with Salesforce being such a significant CRM, there are more than a couple of extensions that connect chrome and Salesforce. Below, we have listed 5 of these extensions that we think you should know about.

  1. Salesforce Admin Check All

Salesforce Admin Check All is an extension that enhances the Salesforce Setup pages by adding “check all” checkboxes to various checkbox lists. This enhanced functionality helps make some setup tasks more efficient by potentially saving administrators from having to manually check each checkbox in a list individually.

  1.  Salesforce.com Sandbox Favicon Extension

Adds an “S” to the standard Salesforce.com cloud favicon for all sandbox tabs in a Chrome window.

Great for anyone who has multiple environments open, and has to switch back and forth between production and sandbox.

  1. Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta)

Adds hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to your salesforce record page. Example – CTRL + E for edit, CTRL + S for save and many more!

  1. Salesforce Navigator

This extension helps you get to any Salesforce page quickly via a search bar. Just type in what you need to do.

      5.Ebsta For Salesforce

Ebsta’s #1 rated Chrome Extension helps thousands of Salesforce seamlessly integrate Gmail, Google Calendar and Salesforce.
Sync emails and calendars, track emails, personalised cadences, send later, meeting scheduler and more…