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Over the years, your team has had a lot of experiences, learned a lot of lessons, and has a process for onboarding new clients and closing deals. You’ve trained your team and everyone is on the same page. You’ve got this! But calendars fill up fast, priorities shuffle, and it is easy to forget to log one of those calls in Salesforce, or worse, miss a crucial step in your workflow. Don’t let your experience be wasted! Check out Action Plans by Salesforce Labs (a regular favorite of ours). Once you’ve set up a couple templates, two clicks will create all the tasks you need!

Action Plans encapsulates best practices into reusable task templates. An Action Plan can be created for an Account, Opportunity, Contact, Lead, Campaign, Case or Contract. Template tasks can be pre-assigned to a specific individual, assigned to the running user or assigned to a running user.

Watch their video below and check out the app here!