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App of the Week – BuiltInMaps brings maps to your Salesforce Dashboards


By now, your Salesforce admins are experts at creating powerful Reports and Dashboards to segment valuable data into digestible metrics, letting you make important decisions at a glance. But for all their efforts, some of those Reports and Dashboards fall short – if you need to know what city, stage, or region to invest your next initiatives in, you don’t need a pie chart with zip codes, you need a map. That’s gonna cost you expensive developer hours. Or you could check out BuiltInMaps!

Some data is just easier to understand when viewed on a map. Use BuiltinMaps to create geographic views of your data that can be added to your dashboards. Similar to standard charts and graphs, maps are created from a report. This gives you a large amount of expressive ability in deciding what data will be displayed.

This cool new tool will get you thinking about your data in a whole new way. Check out BuiltInMaps today!

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