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Email-to-Case is one of the most powerful tools in Salesforce. It allows you to gather Cases with no manual data entry, meaning your team can more efficiently utilize their time getting down to business and solving problems. If you’re a sales manager or rep, you probably are looking longingly across the aisle at the support team, wishing you didn’t have to waste your time taking an email with a new lead and entering it into Salesforce and could just start selling. But that would take a complicated email handler, loads of build time, and don’t forget all the testing before you see any benefit. Unless you implement Email2Lead. Then you can start getting emails turned directly into Leads for free today!

This Innovative solution captures emails sent to your Company’s mailboxes and creates Leads from it, helping you generate new sales and more revenue, reduces loss of potential customers and improves productivity.

Check out this clever free app here and start saving time today!