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I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it again – sales are hard! So closing a deal is cause for celebration. With built-in email alerts, you can notify your team via email when you close a deal, but let’s face it, email has a tendency to get cluttered, and can be a very slow medium in the age of instant messaging and push notifications. And if you’re waiting on news of a deal before making important executive decisions, you need to move at the speed of the internet. You need to check out Champ!

No one likes waiting for results. With Champ, receive a push notification the moment someone on your team closes a deal. Whether you’re traveling, at a conference, or in a meeting, you’ll know sales results in real-time.

Champ is available (and free) on iPhone, Android, Slack, and Office 365, meaning you can stay connected no matter your platform! Check it out today!