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Ring My Bell

Sales is a tough job. You have to work through a mountain of no’s, not to mention some occasional hostility, before you get even a single sale. Keeping a sales team motivated presents a lot of challenges, but gamification has proven to be an effective method. Ring My Bell aims to gamify everyday sales to help motivate your team and inspire healthy competition. The goal – close deals and ring the bell.

Ring My Bell is a simple to install app which notifies your users when somebody closes an opportunity, and ensures they see it with both a visual pop-up and user-configurable sound, including the option to add custom sounds. With the ability to send notifications to Chatter, your team will never miss a congratulatory notification even on the road with Salesforce1. Your sales team will be eager to get that bell ringing, their names on the board or in Chatter and their wins celebrated.

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