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Cirrus Files

Google Drive is one of the most popular tools for cloud storage and file management. Businesses in every industry rely on Google Drive for sharing, collaborating on, and keeping everyone updated with the latest files. But if you use Salesforce, you need your files accessible from the system, at your fingertips, along with the rest of your relevant data. The team who brought you Cirrus Insight is here to bridge that gap with Cirrus Files!

Cirrus Files connects folders and files in Google Drive to standard and custom objects in Salesforce. Cirrus Files supports all file types including Google Docs, and all objects including accounts, opportunities, campaigns, contacts, and more. Sync any file from Google Drive to relevant records in Salesforce. Sync any file from Salesforce to the right folder in Google Drive.

Check out Cirrus Files and start syncing your Google Drive with Salesforce today!