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Last week, we shared with you an exciting new app connecting Skype and Salesforce. But, if your team is using Slack, another cool tool for collaboration specifically designed for businesses, you probably feel a bit left out. You might have Champ set up to post your won Opportunities to Slack, but you need more than that to truly collaborate. Never fear, Slack just released their own integration!

With Slack, you get real-time messaging with calls and chat, a searchable record of all your files and conversations, and integrations with handy bots and apps… View the number of unread messages in your linked Slack channel directly from Salesforce. Automatically share any message from Chatter to your linked Slack channel by typing /slack at the beginning of any message.

Like Skype, Slack for Salesforce is a brand new, free app. Check it out and leave a review today!