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If your business is involved in anything software/development related, you probably are leveraging Jira to track versions, issues, feature requests, bug fixes, and more. But if you operate the way I’ve seen in many businesses, you probably also are tracking many of these things in Salesforce through Cases or some custom object. The workflow is tedious – a client logs a bug by creating a Case in Salesforce. A support rep forwards this case to the tech team. The tech team creates a ticket in Jira. When the client calls back to request an update, the support rep reaches back out to the tech team, gets an update, updates the Case in Salesforce, and then calls the client. It’s a mess! Wouldn’t it be easier to just connect the two? Yes! And you can with Salesforce & JIRA Cloud Connector!

Your development and product management teams live in JIRA. Your support and sales teams close in Salesforce. They all deal with product issues and need an integrated view of what’s going in order to be effective. The connector links and synchronizes Salesforce objects and JIRA issues for an integrated experience from either interface.

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