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Contact Capture

If you’ve ever had to create a new Lead or Contact in Salesforce from an email signature, contract, or other block of text, you know how miserable the process is. Copying each field one-at-a-time, pasting each field one-at-a-time, checking and double-checking to make sure you didn’t leave off anything important. Think of how much time you’d save if you could just copy an email signature, paste it into Salesforce, and have a new record created. Well, it’s that easy with Contact Capture!

Contact Capture is a free app that allows you to easily copy information from email signatures, web pages and spreadsheets, paste it into the Contact Capture text box, and have your information auto-magically parsed into your Salesforce fields.

This app is free for up to 25 users, and can save you loads of time and frustration. Check it out today!