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If you’ve browsed our website, you may have come across our AppExchange page which lists a number of fantastic and powerful applications we’ve implemented for clients over the years. Each one offers unique functionality that will really help you grow and scale your business. One of our favorites is the PowerDialer by InsideSales.com. When your team has 100s of sales calls to make, nothing will slow them down like having to dial, hang up, rinse, repeat every time. And when calls come in from hot leads ready to take action, the time it takes to look up their record in Salesforce can be the difference between a closed sale and lost business. The PowerDialer lets you make and receive calls in record time with some innovative solutions that don’t even require an expensive phone system upgrade.

PowerDialer is the #1 rated CTI dialer in Salesforce. Call, contact, track, & sell more. Automate sales headaches and hassles & get visibility into rep metrics that drive results. Single click dial, voice mail, & email.

Do yourself and your inside sales team a favor and call up PowerDialer for Salesforce today!