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Working with data can be a tricky business requiring multiple tools and tedious hours of work. Say you have a group of team members who don’t (and shouldn’t) have access to Salesforce, but need to work with a list of customers and keep that list up to date. You’ll need Reports to export the data, you’ll send it out to your team, you’ll collect their updates and carefully merge their changes, convert to CSV and update Salesforce using the Data Loader. Wouldn’t it be nice if this could all be done automatically on one platform with your team working collaboratively? It can with G-Connector for Salesforce!

Save big on Salesforce licenses by providing your users with real-time view into Salesforce data by scheduling automatic refreshes of the previously pulled data and sharing the spreadsheet. You will also save a lot of time by doing Salesforce data loads, queries, mass updates and insert not from Salesforce, but directly from your Google Spreadsheets.

This awesome app had my office buzzing. Download this free Google Chrome extension and start saving time today!