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It’s holiday season, and while your team is immersed in the end-of-year crunch time in the office, it’s crunch time at home as well. Budgets are tight as holiday gifts are piling up in their living rooms, and an error in a commission payment right now could be taken very personally. Your team is working hard, and compensating them accurately and fairly for their efforts is key to keeping them happy and delivering results. If getting commissions right has been a struggle for you, check out QCommission!

QCommission calculates your sales people’s compensation accurately and reduces errors related to spreadsheets and manual methods. It allows you to calculate commissions as soon as the commission period is over and saves a lot of time. It can communicate calculated commissions in a detailed and clear manner. QCommission complies with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

Check out QCommission today and stop worrying about commission payments.