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Like it or not, we humans are visual beings. We rely heavily on what we see when making decisions. They used to say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but in today’s world of TV, mobile devices, and social media, the perfect image is worth everything. You might have all the information you need to make a good deal or identify a problem account, but nothing says “go” like a green light, or “stop” like a big red flag. The team at Salesforce Labs knows this, and so they bring you the Graphics Pack!

The Graphics Pack is a collection of hundreds of icons and images available for free on the App Exchange. You can use these images to better customize your tabs, add awesome images to your records with image formula fields, add a visual component to your Visualforce pages, and just generally spruce up your Salesforce account. And with all the options, you’ll be hard pressed to find something they don’t have ready and waiting for you. Check it out on the App Exchange today and get started adding images in Salesforce!