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Countdown in Salesforce

I’m not a big sports fan, but when World Cup season rolls around, you’d never know (US v. Portugal, need I say more?). I can’t wait for the final match, and am excitedly counting down the days. Whether you’re counting down for the World Cup Final, the July 4th holiday, the end of your fiscal year, the deadline on a big project, Christmas, the High Holy Days, or whatever else, a countdown is a great way to build urgency and keep your team motivated, excited, and gearing up for the next big thing. Wouldn’t it be great to have a countdown right on your Salesforce sidebar? Well, the team at Hoopla has developed Countdown in Salesforce just for you!

This countdown clock creates urgency by reminding salespeople of how much selling time they have left in the current period. It is fully integrated into the side bar in the Salesforce.com screen where it is always visible. Now includes custom dates.

Check out Countdown today and get counting for the next great App of the Week!