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Going beyond out-of-the-box and customizing your Salesforce org with Custom Fields, Objects, Workflow automation, custom Apex functionality and more is as revolutionary as the steam engine. But the more you build, the harder it can be to review your existing customizations and bring the next best thing to your team. You can report on just about everything in Salesforce, but you can’t report on the backend customizations that drive your data. As an admin or developer, you deserve the same tools the rest of your team has, tools to give you insights into the work you do behind the curtain. And that’s just what Astrea brings you with Octopus!

Octopus allows you to document all the items in your Salesforce instance. Get information about apex classes, pages, workflows, triggers, objects, fields and much more in a single place. You can also download it as a PDF/Word file for future reference. Cut down on all those hours spent on documentation. Use Octopus and get a document ready with just a few clicks!

This awesome new tool is already getting great reviews, including one from the fantastic Phil Walton. Check it out today!