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If your company has a strong Social Media presence, you no doubt will be getting compliments (and sometimes complaints) about your business on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. Meanwhile, your statuses and pictures and blog posts are probably making their rounds and shedding light on countless potential new leads. Adding all those cases and leads to Salesforce could take you hours of copying and pasting, but now with Salesforce for Hootsuite, it’s all just a click away.

Hootsuite is a web application built with the Social Media power user in mind, and offers many ways to help you get a constant 360 view on all your social channels. Adding their Salesforce app gives you the ability to quickly add and update records straight to Salesforce without ever leaving your dashboard.

  • Create new Leads from Twitter and Facebook social profiles.
  • Create Cases from Twitter and Facebook messages.
  • Update information for existing Lead records.
  • Lookup records in Salesforce based on social profile data.

Check out Salesforce for Hootsuite today, and use it to enter all your new #df13 connections (that’s Dreamforce ’13, in case you’re lost)! On that note, the CloudMyBiz team will be clouding around at Dreamforce this week. We’d love to say hello to our Tip of the Week fans!