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Time and again, we at CloudMyBiz have returned to visuals. Whether it’s leveraging formulas to display images, showing outside content on a record, or using charts to help your team understand the data in your org, visuals are a powerful tool for helping you review, relate to, and act on data. Dashboards are the bread and butter here, but if your team needs something more dynamic, prefers a hyper modern HTML5 appearance and user interface, needs solid access across all platforms including Salesforce1, or if you are more familiar with Google Charts and want to leverage that experience to quickly create a powerful dashboard, MyCharts has you covered.

MyCharts is a Visualforce package that works on both desktop browsers and the new Salesforce1 mobile experience. MyCharts provides a simple and dynamic interface for creating charts that can be easily modified and shared with others in your organizations.

Not only does MyCharts give you some powerful new tools, but being an unmanaged package built on the latest Salesforce Analytics APIs, you can leverage it as a “reference implementation for your own customized solutions” and jumpstart your first Salesforce1 application! Check out their listing today!