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Your company has just released a new pricing structure and you’ve got a lot of updates to make to your Products and Pricebooks in Salesforce, you just got off a marathon of phone calls with clients and have a lot of address changes to note, or maybe you’re a system admin working on your monthly data cleaning process. Whatever your scenario, if you’ve got to make a lot of changes to records in Salesforce, you better brew an extra pot of coffee, because you’ll have to wait for a lot of page loads to go into and out of every record. You may have learned this lesson already and just opt to export everything, make your changes in Excel, and import everything back into Salesforce later. But if you’ve got an amazing system like Salesforce, why should you have to use Excel to mass update your data!? There has to be an easier solution! And there is – it’s called GridBuddy by AppBuddy.

Managing related records in Salesforce takes too many clicks and page loads. Until now! With GridBuddy, you can manage your Salesforce data in single-page, report-like list views.

It’s seriously simple and super cool. One of our favorites. Watch the video below and check out GridBuddy today!